Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Reports of Muslim violence against Hindus, desecration our sacred symbols and temples are appearing increasingly all over India. Young Muslims slipping out to fight Islamic wars abroad is alarming because there is this sentimental angle of families yearning for their come-back; and the External Affairs Ministry’s anxiety to score brownie points “returning” these “children” to their parents. I am agonizing over the prospect of these youths getting combat training and experience, returning to fight a war our soil!

Muslim violence is unfortunately embedded in the history and character of Islam which gives scriptural sanction to all sorts of violence against non-Muslims. Those who believe in earnest what is written in Quran will never see non-Muslims as equals; they are simply not allowed to! It is incumbent on Muslims to "terrify" non-Muslims (referring to the Koran 8:60). As Muslims, the faithful must of course agree to the Islamic duty of jihad against enemies, real or imagined, and help promote it. Daesh has already mentioned that India is one of their targets and published a map projecting the trajectory of conquest. In all the Muslim “pockets” in the country, Muslim intellectual, theologians and ordinary Mullahs and Moulvis are busy creating and propagating a contrived distinctiveness, assiduously sore-rubbing for generating communal sentiments where there existed none. In Kashmir they are already imitating “Intifada” and tunneling from Pakistani side into the valley to send armed combatants. Next would be the arrival of Palestine-style knife, gun and car-ramming terror attacks against Hindus anywhere and anytime in India.

The non-BJP politicians talk down to Hindus, dismiss their legitimate concerns, and sneer at our helplessness, even as they go on to pander to minorities. The Liberal “intellectuals” who are supposed to be able to think out of their skins and fight for the right causes; are often seen imprisoned themselves in exclusive ideological (?) boxes. Do you know why kept silence over M.F. Hussain’s perverse paintings of Hindu Goddesses? They stitched their mouths under the excuse that insulting Hindu Gods constituted freedom of expression. Secularists are in a state of denial when it comes to the threat facing Hindus and India. Given the “negative partisanship” these people, the minority communities in India, especially the Muslims ensure that the Hindus are cornered every whichever way. Sadly, while the primary communalists in this country are Muslims and other "minorities," substantial numbers of Hindus out of the sense of guilt injected into them by “secularism” or for ulterior motives believe that they benefit somehow by ostracizing their own people who voice concern against the minority communalism. A backlash against this skewed “political correctness” against the ultra-PC culture has begun its conquests and indeed looms large in the UP’s horizon too. There seems no escape from it! A horrid mix of accusations of genocide of Muslims in Gujarat during Congress/UPA government at Centre had created the worst of all moments for BJP. But look at where we are now!

The situation is clear: Left “progressives” of all hues and the INC believe in diversity; they want Maoists, Islamic terrorists and soul-harvesters, all at the table, but no Hindu Nationalists. Muslims have never been - and probably never will be-a strategic target group of BJP electoral campaigns. So let the BJP ignore the liberal/left propaganda against it to go ahead and unite all Hindus.

Reporting of numerous media sources is simply incomplete and one-sided, and at its worst deeply flawed. They look the other when atrocities take place against even the lowliest of the lowly Hindus while discreetly draws an assumptive reference to the mindsets of Hindus while graphically presenting even minor incidents affecting Muslims and Xians. Remember, it was thanks in part to television, the likes of the rabble-rousing Akbaruddin Owaisi and the fundamentalist preacher Zakir Naik wielded megaphones in India’s public squares. It is terrible to see how the mainstream media benevolently bless Islamic fundamentalists and Christian evangelists while hating Hindu nationalist patriots, even as the latter wield political power in most parts of this vast country and at the Centre! We don’t have to watch the TV channels that give airspace to anti-nationals. We do not have to buy the Times of India to read the libels published against BJP,; and each one of us who complains about such media needs to respond to each defamation. I for one discontinued my subscription of the Times of India and read it online if I feel like! We must also expose the media’s agenda by challenging its premises. Mr.T G Mohandas is doing a wonderful job in this respect with his weekly column POLICCHEZHUTTHU’ on JanamTV! He deconstructs and demolishes the political and media agenda against Hindutva/Nationalist forces with a fine flourish so far unfamiliar on Malayalam television.

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