Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kerala opts for helmets!

It is nice to see media reports in Kerala supporting the helmet rule! Earlier every report of a fatal accident in the State's media used to conclude"the victim had worn helmet/seat-belt" in a deliberate attempt to run down the socio-medical/statutory campaign to make those implements compulsory for motoring public! There were numerous articles, and references on audio-visual media about the inconvenience aspect, the "unscientific" aspect (a favourite term in Kerala!) and about the uselessness of the helmet and seat-belt to the  extent that when the great actor Jagathy Shreekumar was incapacitated in a terrible road accident, his daughter gave an interview (there mus have been several?) in which she alleged that the seat-belt he wore was responsible for breaking his neck! No one from the medical profession in Kerala bothered to remove that piece of nonsense from public domain with the factual state of affairs!

I congratulate ADGP Tomin Thachankary for the bold decision and also the his bosses for not thwarting him!

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