Thursday, February 9, 2012

Being duped

The other day I was reading the sob-story of a retired professor getting duped to the tune of Rs.1 crore. Going through the details, however, my early sympathies for the old man vanished. He thought he was getting a great deal through his maid, who convinced him that a CBI officer would help him get government land, buildings and even gold at cheap rates! He went on parting with huge amounts to get documents related to the shady deal from government offices, and bribes to clear the illegal transfer of documents into his name. He believed that the whole deal could be insured against failure and paid Rs.6 lakhs to this purpose. In all he was poore by Rs.1.09 crore. When finally it was clear to him that he had been conned, he went to the ant-extorsion squad of Maharashtra Police. I believe the professor has more money in his kitty after all this foolish pursuit of wealth at the age of 76, and the police should ignore his complaint since he was as guilty by intent as those who took money from him. When the conwoman and her friends were exploiting his greed, here was he, a teacher for a life time and in his ripe old age with bank accounts brimming with money, trying to get government land and buildings illegally transferred to him. Good god, look at people coming to the system for help when they fail to shortcircuit it and get pinched in the process! 

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